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This lore will be granted after Defeating Darth Malgus in the Flashpoint “False Imperator” on Ilum.


The Empire will be victorious over the Republic; this is unquestioned. But to Darth Malgus, victory should have come with the Sacking of Coruscant. Now, he believes, the obscure designs of the Sith Emperor, a cultural disdain for aliens and infighting within the Sith have all left the Empire incapable of winning the war. With his mind broadened–or tainted–by years of travel and study among alien cultures, Malgus carefully cultivated the opinions of likeminded Sith leaders for years. Upon the recent disappearance of the Emperor, he seized the opportunity to create a new Empire–one that embraces alien cultures and is strengthened by diversity. All allies of the new Empire will be considered equal citizens, guided by Imperial discipline and values. Personal strength and accomplishment, not genetics, will determine an Imperial’s fate. Malgus is aware that many will not share his vision. But with a stealth armada at his command and the Emperor’s space station as his base, he is prepared to prove the power of his new Empire to all dissenters.

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