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"Few planets have been as important to both sides of the war as Manaan. But with its surface covered completely by water, and with its native Selkath population having adopted an isolationist stance, access to the planet can be difficult to come by. The Selkath economy’s reliance on the export of kolto to the Republic and the Empire does provide opportunities to visit, but guests are typically limited to the world’s few trading platforms–the only surface structures not affected by the Empire’s bombardment of the planet during the Great Galactic War. Millennia of Rakatan dominion over the planet and a predominantly unexplored ocean floor evoke strong temptations to probe Manaan’s crushing depths. However, due to the strategic importance of its kolto reserves, Manaan will have to largely remain a mystery for now."
―In-game Codex (Planets)[src]

Manaan was an aquatic planet in the Pyrshak system and home to the amphibious Selkath species. The planet was completely covered in water and was the only known source of kolto - a potent healing liquid - in the galaxy. Controlled by the Rakata before the founding of the Galactic Republic, Manaan became independent following the collapse of their Infinite Empire and the Selkath ruled the planet from the capital of Ahto City - also the only above-water settlement on the planet and de facto spaceport for all inbound and outbound planetary traffic.

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Prior to the Jedi Civil War, kolto was so important to the galaxy that the Selkath were able to use their monopoly to enforce their policy of neutrality and autonomy from both the Republic and the Sith Empire. Due to the kolto's importance to both the Galactic Republic and the Sith, during the Jedi Civil War both factions attempted to get an upper hand in the war by creating secret deals that would give them more of the life-saving liquid. The Selkath made a great deal of wealth by remaining neutral and selling the kolto to both parties, but after several attempts to overthrow the government, the Sith were banned from Manaan; very early into the Great Galactic War, the planet's surface cities were destroyed by Imperial forces.[1]


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