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Mandalore Artus.
Mandalore the Vindicated
"The position of Mandalore is part general, part king, all warlord. It is not hereditary and centuries can go by without the Mandalorian clans uniting behind a single ruler. But when one warrior has both the vision and the strength to claim the title, all clans must either recognize his authority or war against it."
―Excerpt from in-game Codex of Mandalore the Vindicated (Persons of Note)[src]
"From time to time in history, a single leader of all clans appears and is called “Mandalore.” Each new leader of the Mandalorians takes the name and mask of Mandalore and determines whether the clans will scatter or unite against a great foe."
―Excerpt from in-game Codex of Mandalorian (Organizations)[src]

Mandalore, translated as "Sole Ruler", is the title given to the ruler of the clan based society of the Mandalorians and is the highest honor any Mandalorian can achieve. There have been at least seven Mandalores in recorded history including the current holder of the title Artus or, as he is now called, Mandalore the Vindicated.

Brief History of the Mandalores

Mandalorians originated from the near human species of the Taung, which originally dwelt on Coruscant with the Zhell. Forced to leave Coruscant after being defeated in a long war the Taung traveled to Roon and from there to the planet now known as Mandalore. Upon arriving on this new planet the leader of the Taung, named Mandalore and later Mandalore the First, led the Taung in a battle to overcome the Mythosaurs, which they eventually did driving the mythosaur species to extincion. Honoring Mandalore the First the Taung renamed themselves the Mandalorians, meaning "Children of Mandalore", and named their newly conquered planet Mandalore. From this new home world the Mandalorian armies began to take over new worlds establishing themselves as some of the most feared warriors in the galaxy.

Known Mandalores

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