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Great Sith War


Jedi Civil War

Mandalorian Wars

311 BTC[1]


307 BTC


Galactic Republic & Jedi Crusaders victory

Major battles:
  • Battle of Cathar
  • First Battle of Onderon
  • Second Battle of Dxun
  • Second Battle of Althir
  • Battle of Malachor V

Galactic Republic

  • Jedi Crusaders

Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders


Supreme Chancellor

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Koa Delko
  • Admiral Saul Karath
  • Admiral Noma Sommos
  • Admiral Jimas Veltraa
  • Mon Halan
  • General Derred

Jedi Crusaders

Mandalore the Ultimate

The Mandalorian Wars began about twenty years after the Great Sith War, by Mandalore the Ultimate. The war was between the Galactic Republic, the Mandalorians and then later on the Jedi Order.


As the war began, the Mandalorians seemed to be a far greater foe than the Republic expected. As many planets were conquored by the ruthless onslaught of the Mandalorian warriors, the Jedi Knight Revan and his friend Malak rallied many Jedi to lead the Republic armies, against the wishes of the Jedi Council.

When the Mandalorians fought against the Republic, with their new Jedi generals, the war was at a turning point. The Mandalorians felt that they could finally test their skills against the legendary Knights of the Jedi and praised them as worthy opponents.


As the Mandalorians fought at Malachor V they were caught off guard as the Republic had a new superweapon call the "Mass Shadow Generator" created by Zabrak engineer Bao-Dur. As the superweapon was activated most of the Mandalorian and Republic warships sank into a vast gravity vortex. The Mandalorians taking the most damage surrendered to the Republic. To further demoralize the Mandalorians, Revan executed Mandalore the Ultimate.


Revan refused to reveal the location of the mask of Mandalore, ensureing the clans would wander leaderless and scattered across the galaxy, working as bounty hunters or in other criminal careers, until a new Mandalore rallied the clans together again. Revan and Malak both fell to the Dark Side of the Force and declared war on the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. The remaining Jedi fell to the Dark Side with the exception of one Jedi General who was stripped of her Force sensitivity due to the overwhelming death during the final battle at Malachor V.


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