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"Although its beautiful feathers are valued as good luck charms, everything else about the Mantellian flutterplume is worth avoiding. This enormous scavenger bird is noted for its impressive hook-like beak and four sets of curled talons–tools that it uses to tear apart and consume rotting carcasses. The flutterplume population has skyrocketed thanks to Ord Mantell’s brutal civil war. An abundant supply of fresh battlefield kills attracts flocks of these carrion eaters. Soldiers whisper horror stories of wounded men unable to defend themselves and doomed by the hungry winged predators. Subspecies of the Mantellian flutterplume have evolved on a handful of other Republic worlds where the birds have been imported. Like their ancestors, they are both elegant and aggressive."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]



Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Foraging Flutterplume30/31RabidStrong6065/6345
Savage Flutterplume28/29CreatureStrong5165/5460
Scavenging Flutterplume29/30CreatureStrong5460/5745

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