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Mission:A Message for the Mercenaries

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A Message for the Mercenaries
Mission Data
Start Eliss Pim
End  ??
Level 31
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Imperial Surveillance Outpost
Republic Research Division
Nar Shaddaa
Experience XP +9131
XP +4568 Bonus
Previous Next

"The Empire is losing mercenaries every day to better offers from the Republic. Eliss Pim wants to send a message that dealing with the Republic is suicide."
―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • In any order:
    • Destroy Nova Guard Supply Caches: 0/8
    • Destroy Crimson Brotherhood Supply Caches: 0/8
  • Return to Eliss Pim

Bonus Missions

  • Getting the Message Across
    • Defeat the Nova Guard and Crimson Brotherhood: 0/30


  • The bonus mission is acquired from defeating any of the Nova Guard or Crimson Brotherhood forces in the area.

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