A Sith Lord's Rise
Mission Data
Start Darth Baras via holoterminal
End Lord Avorr
Level 32
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location your ship
Experience XP +1412
Previous Next
The Padawan Exposed Set the Table

A Sith Lord's Rise is part of the Sith Warrior Storyline. This mission concludes Chapter 1 of the Sith Warrior Storyline. This mission serves as a break for your character prior to diving back into things with Chapter 2 of the storyline.

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"You have defeated Nomen karr and secured his Padawan, Jaesa Willsaam, as your own apprentice. In honor of your achievements, Darth Baras has granted you the title of lord and granted you leave to celebrate your many victories."
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • In order:
    • Travel to the Imperial Fleet to Claim Your Chapter 1 Reward
    • Speak to Lord Avorr to Claim Your Chapter 1 Reward

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