[HEROIC 2] Armed and Dangerous
Kill Lord Sundar and recover his ring.
Mission Data
Start Mission Board
End Mission Dropbox
Level 8
Type Heroic
Repeatable for All Imperial Classes
Location Korriban
Experience +1575
Previous Next
 ??  ??

 Armed and Dangerous is a level 8 heroic mission available to all Imperial classes on Korriban.


A mission board on Korriban has announced the presence of a powerful Sith Lord that has gone mad as a result of Sith alchemy. The board offers a reward for his death and the deliverance of his ring to Imperial Intelligence.

Kill Lord Sundar and recover his ring (x1)

Infiltrate the cavern that Sundar has retreated into and kill him. Once dead, his ring will appear as loot.

Deliver Lord Sundar's ring (x1)

There is a mission dropbox in which to deliver Sundar's ring. Once delivered, the dropbox will provide you with a reward on the Empire's behalf.

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