[HEROIC 2+] Buying Loyalty
Will you deliver the spice, or destroy it?
Mission Data
Start Gizmel Gam
End Gizmel Gam
Level 6
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Yes
Location Ord Mantell
Experience +1701
Previous Next
 ??  ??

Buying Loyalty is a level 6 heroic mission available to smugglers andtroopers on Ord Mantell.


The missions begins with a conversation with a civilian named Gizmel Gam in Oradam Village. He tells you that a shipment of supplies that was supposed to reach the village in the fight against the Separatists was shot down and torn to shreds by savrip. He asks that  the shipment be returned to the villiage at all costs to aid their defense against the Separatists.

Locate the Shipment and it's Droid Escort (x1)

Upon finding the shipment, you see that the droid who was escorting the delivery has been damaged in the crash, and it's vocabulator is running a little amok from the main droid brain. It reveals that the shipment was actually spice ordered by Gizmel Gam instead of weapons and supplies for the rest of the town.

Lightside +100 for making the droid destroy the spice

Upon making your decision, return to Gizmel Gam. Assuming you recovered the spice, you have a choice to make.

Lightside +100 for destroying the spice

Darkside +100 for handing Gizmel the spice

Upon completing this final conversation, you are able to select your mission reward.

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