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Rakghoul Roundup
Mission Data
Start Darth Gravus via Personal Holocom
End Melkor Dinn
Level 33
Type Emppire
Repeatable for No
Location Verdant Marsh
Tularan Marsh
Experience XP +9687
XP +4843 Bonus
XP +4843 Bonus
XP +6781 Bonus
XP +6781 Bonus
Previous Next
Race for the Kill Culling the Nekghouls

"The Republic is releasing toxic waste near the shattered sewer pipelines to herd rakghouls against the Empire."
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • Speak wth Melkor Dinn
  • Destroy Chemical Casks: x5
  • Return to Melkor Dinn

Bonus Missions

  • Rakghoul Rampage
    • Stage 1
      • Kill Swamp Rakghouls: x15
    • Stage 2
      • Destroy Republic Sonar Beacons: x4
    • Stage 3
      • Defeat Infected Republic Commandos: x3
    • Final Stage
      • Challenge and Loot the Infected Sergeant


  • The bonus mission is acquired from defeating any of the swamp Rakghouls in the area.
  • The Infected Republic Commandos can be found inside the Imperial Intelligence Outpost as well as where indicated on the map.
  • Completing the bonus mission final stage will give the Rakghoul Rampage mission.
  • Altogether there are a lot of experience points given for the bonus mission of this quest. The additional mission above given another 17000 XP on top of the 4000-6000 XP per stage of the bonus mission.

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