House Organa Marines
House Organa Marines, rear attack on Castle Panteer
Mission Data
Start General Gurveer
End General Gurveer
Level 31
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Panteer Hideout
The Glarus Valley
Experience XP +9131
XP +4568 Bonus
Previous Next
 ??  ??


"General Gurveer reports that House Organa has offered to help the Panteers fight off the Ulgos. Gurveer wants to neutralize House Ogana's support so that the Panteers will turn to House Thul and the Empire for assistance.

You've agreed to help General Gurveer. Eliminate the Organa marine forces assaulting the rear of Castle Panteer.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • Defeat Organa Marine Forces: 0/20
  • Return to General Gurveer

Bonus Missions

  • Crashing the Castle
    • Defeat Ulgo Forces: 0/30


  • The bonus mission is obtained by defeating Ulgo forces at Castle Panteer.

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