The Assassin's Secret
Dathis Elgin at Outpost Talarn
Speak with Dathis Elgin about an issue with Rist assassins.
Mission Data
Start Dathis Elgin
End Computer Console in Drovis Cavern.
Level 30
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Outpost Talarn
The Juran Mountains
Experience XP +8812
Darkside +50
Lightside +??
Previous Next
Dirty Deeds Ulgo's Revenge


"Dathis Elgin, Imperial advisor to House Thul, has asked you to deal with a former Rist assassin. This assassin is threatening to divulge secrets once held between House Rist and House Thul. Dathis Elgin wants you to act as a courier and deliver the hush money the former assassin has demanded.

Meet with the assassins at Drovis Cavern in the Juran Mountains
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • In order:
    • Meet the Rists at the Rendezvous Point
    • Speak to Kai Saddek
    • Search the Computer Console


  • Inside Drovis Cave you will have to fight Kai Saddek, his brother Sam Saddek, as well as two additional Saddek forces.
Drovis Cave

Meeting assassins inside Drovis Cave

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