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Morgukai are a warrior caste of the Nikto. They are trained to fight force-wielders and can make short work of a normal man.

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Codex Entry

There is an Organizations Codex entry for the Morgukai.


(X: -449, Y: 42, Z: -137)

Morgukai Tent

Morgukai Codex entry is located at this tent in The Sinking City, Taris.

Codex Entry

"The Morgukai are a secretive cult of Nikto warriors united by their ritual combat techniques and strong suspicion of Force-users. Renowned as Jedi-killers, the Morgukai are often courted by the Empire–frequently unsuccessfully, as the cult has a strong sense of honor and is keenly aware that the Empire views Nikto as a lesser species. In truth, many Morgukai view Sith as unfavorably as they view Jedi. Fighting with cortosis weapons built to survive the blow of any lightsaber, Morgukai rely on a master-student relationship to train new initiates. Beyond their incredible abilities in combat, however, the philosophical teachings of the Morgukai cult are a mystery–they do not speak of their beliefs to outsiders, even under threat of death."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

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