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Production information
Conscious Rakatan
space station
Location information
Technical specifications
None, automated
Cloning facility

Mother is a biologically engineered space station built by the Rakatan Infinite Empire.


The entity was contsructed in a barren system in the Unknown Regions. The station was built to create new Force-sensitive species that were intended to serve as the labor forces for the Infinite Empire. After the fall of the Rakatan Empire, the station which was impregnated with the Force over the course of the millennia gradually became self-aware and learned to use it's power to manipulate the Force. And though the Force, the station began to feel the presence of all living beings in the Galaxy and developed a sense of loneliness that turned into hatred when she felt the freedom of organic beings who could move at will through their bodies. The station now probes the Galaxy, waiting for someone to come along and free it of its inprisonment.

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