Sith Meditation Sphere

Naga Sadow's Meditation Sphere orbit's Primus Goluud as he sits inside meditating.

Naga Sadow's Mothership was a command vessel used by Naga Sadow to command the Sith Fleet during the Great Hyperspace War.


Also known as Naga Sadow's Meditation sphere the Mothership was designed and built by the Sith shipyards. It featured a single round body with two large wing-panels and a single viewport in the shape of an eye, It also featured a meditation seat for Naga Sadow to meditate and project illusions to strengthen and bolster the Sith ranks.


The Mothership was placed in orbit of the star Primus Goluud just prior to the beginning of the war, it was destroyed there in 5,000 BBY at the Battle of Primus Goluud.

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