"Rakghouls evolve with incredible speed, but until recently, they had never shown signs of intelligence. Larger and far smarter than their rakghoul cousins, nekghouls may qualify as a new species in their own right–they appear unable to infect and transform their victims, but instead possess sensitivity to the Force and violent, untrained talent in its use. Although nekghouls are capable of speech, they have no known history or record of their origins. Are they the result of a Jedi or Sith being infected with the rakghoul virus? A mutation caused by radiation from Taris’s shattered reactors? Studies may have to wait–for now, merely surviving the presence of these horrific beings is difficult enough."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

The Nekghoul are a variation of the Rakghoul that was found to be sentient and Force-wielding. Master Sulan was attempting to sway them to the light side.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Nekghoul Berserker32/33SageNormal2100/2220
Nekghoul Fleshripper32/33MysticStrong6650/7025
Nekghoul Nightmare33NekghoulElite15605
Nekghoul Savage33Force AdeptNormal2220
Nekghoul Tormentor32AscendantStrong6650


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