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Level range

"Nerfs are large, shaggy pack animals raised for their meat, fur and hides, primarily characterized by their horns, surly disposition and horrid stench. Their tendency to spit on people has only cemented their reputation for being particularly unpleasant animals to handle; it’s no surprise that nerf-herding is regarded as one of the less glamorous professions in the galaxy. Although they are native to Alderaan, the nerfs’ hardiness has allowed them to adapt to a variety of climates on other planets. Nerfs are common livestock on many Core and Inner Rim planets, though most ranchers beyond the Mid Rim prefer to breed less unruly animals."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Aging Nerf 32CreatureStrong7425
Greater Wild Nerf28CreatureStrong6085
Greater Migrating Nerf30/31CreatureStrong6770/7085
Highland Nerf28/29CreatureNormal2170/2290
Mature Nerf28CreatureStrong6085
Migrating Nerf30CreatureNormal2405
Mountain Nerf31/32CreatureNormal2520/2640
Wandering Nerf29/30CreatureStrong6435/6770
Wild Nerf28/29CreatureNormal2170hp/2290hp

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