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  • ShatterClub

    BioWare has announced a new initiative to encourage more new players to jump into Star Wars: The Old Republic with the Light vs. Dark event, scheduled to go live on all servers on June 28th, 2016. The event does not have a set end date, and is intended to be experiences with characters created on or after the event's start date. The focus of the event centers on the light side and dark side decisions made by players throughout the event to unlock one of two companions depending on the majority of the choices made.

    Along the way, players will have the chance to earn several new titles, mounts, armor sets, and will be able to collect crates that will gift players with items from previous cartel packs, similar to the current Grand Chance Cubes.

    This is a brief summation of what will be included in the event. For more details, visit's official page about the event and it's experiences.

    All characters taking part in the event must be created on or after June 28th, 2016. Any characters…

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  • ShatterClub

    Greetings, readers, editors, and passers-by,

    There has been a lot (or in most cases, nothing) happening recently with the SWTOR Wiki - several of these things are areas that I have been thinking about recently, and would like to address with you all.

    About a year or so ago, this wiki was a thriving community. Users from around the world were both contributing their information to appropriate articles and talking back and forth on our forums. We had a team of several administrators, and there was always something new to talk about and somebody to talk about it with.

    Since that time, so many things have happened with the game...various events have come and gone, new characters have been introduced, and then Knights of the Fallen Empire, the biggest expansion in the game's four year history, was released. But something happened that made the majority of this community dissipate at the absolute worst time. I haven't an actual idea why: it could be that life got in the way of wiki contributio…

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  • ShatterClub

    So yes, just to clarify before we start, this is an actual promotion. In no way could I be making this up.

    During the Star Wars: The Old Republic developer livestream last night, Eric Musco was joined by Ben Irving, Lead Producer of the game, to talk about their plans for what future and what players (especially subscribers) can expect from the game in the near future. They even had their plan laid out and shown before they dived into those topics, and because they were already in order, that makes my job easy.

    The two kicked off the stream by thanking players (repeatedly) for their feedback on Fallen Empire, and said that BioWare is so happy that players find the expansion to be so appealing. They highlighted several people's comments and thought about the new content.

    Players can expect the newest part of the expansion to drop on Feburary 11th, 2016. Quite a long wait for new content. You will essentially be waiting three months from now to get a half-hour's worth of new story. And the…

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  • ShatterClub

    Cartel packs as we know them are gone. The structure, how many items per pack, how rarities are identified...gone. You could even go so far as to say that the whole Cartel Market has been altered as a result of these recent changes. 

    But what may seem like a disaster is really just BioWare's attempt to make things a little easier to understand, especially with the influx of new players jumping into both the base game and the new Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Here's what has changed

    For starters, the packs themselves have now been altered. Each only contains two items (a huge step down from five-six items in the past), with one item of a gold, silver or bronze rarity rating and a companion gift. That's right - you're getting a companion gift in every single Cartel Pack. This is probably BioWare's way of making up to people with the changes made to the affection/influence system. Players who had maxed out affection with companions before the affection system was changed found th…

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  • Witnessme

    The contest has ended! CONGRATULATIONS to the following users:

    • Natived1327
    • DarthKraayt
    • Austiuz
    • Brokentahmoh
    • ShatterClub

    Winners will be receiving an email with instructions regarding how to claim your prize shortly. A big THANKS to everyone who participated in this contest!

    All information below this line is outdated.

    Star Wars has become, well always has been, a big deal. So we thought we'd stir the pot a bit more and give ya'll a chance to win some free game codes.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) set in the Old Republic era.

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  • ShatterClub

    Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, details about the new SWTOR digital expansion have been slow in coming. But information provided by developers since the announcement of this new expansion give players and fans alike a general idea as to just what this expansion will look like. Here's what we know so far.

    • RELEASE DATE: October 27th, 2015
    • EARLY ACCESS: October 20-27th, 2015
    • NEW LEVEL CAP: 61-65

    The Sith Empire has fallen. The Galactic Republic has faded into obscurity. In their absence, a new galactic power takes control of the known galaxy: the Eternal Empire. Reigning with an iron fist and dominating everything in it's path, this new superpower is ruled by an Immortal Emperor and his two sons. You play as the Outlander, frozen in carbonite, a relic of a bygone age, now awoken and determine to discover what happened in your absense.

    BioWare first started teasing at a new expansion before Star Wars: Celebration Anahiem, and an image file on the thumbnail drives given out at …

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  • ShatterClub

    Star Wars: The Old Republic fans have been going crazy over the internet over the course of the last day, after BioWare and EA released the lineup for their upcoming E3 conference, which will be held in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, June 15th. The pages of script pertaining to announcements and other content scheduled for the conference included this tidbit about SWTOR, and was the first thing to make fans wonder what might be revealed on Monday.

    It's been confirmed: the new expansion will be called Knights of the Fallen Empire. It makes sense on some level to release a new expansion, what with BioWare releasing all sorts of teasers over the past number of months. From the secret image file on the Star Wars Celebraiton thumb drives to the devs dropping hints about a new secret being released on June 15, a new expansion or new content was guarentee to be in the works. Chances are high that this content will not be released by Patch 3.3, expected in later June, but it most certainly bears wa…

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  • ShatterClub

    Star Wars Celebration - Anaheim, California - April 16th-19th, 2015

    Highlighted by both the Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Battlefront trailers, Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was one of the most memorable events for the franchise. Among all the excitement of future content, some BioWare and SWTOR specialists - including Eric Munsco, Charles Boyd and Jesse Sky - were on hand for the SWTOR Cantina Tour event. While most of what they said was what we had already seen from PTS patches or notes from Dulfy, here's what they confirmed during the livestream.

    1. Patch 3.2 - The new story content, intended to serve as an epilogue for the events of Shadow of Revan, has been confirmed and officially named "Rise of the Emperor." The devs showed content already seen through PTS content patches and marked it up as a "trailer."

    • New Planet: Ziost -  Used primarily as the center of Rise of the Emperor content, Ziost will serve as an area for daily missions, most likely for a new br…

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  • ShatterClub

    Hello, Wikians!

    I'm happy to announce that Wikia has asked me to be an ambassador for them at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Las Vegas next weekend! I'll be part of the Superfan Crew and will be capturing moments from the trip in the forms of blogs, tweets, videos, and photos.

    Who I'll meet and what will happen there - I've got no clue, but if you all are interested in following along with me next weekend (April 24-26), feel free to follow along on social media from both myself and Wikia. If you happen to be in Vegas for the event, I'll be sure to grab a pic with you!

    The chances of me editing much here will be down during Wizard World, but I'll still be here and will be composing a daily blog either here or on Community Central to document the day's occurrences.

    Anyway, I'm done blabbering. Feel free to follow the links below to get access to mine and Wikia's social media updates! Good Hunting! ShatterClub|talk|TOR Wiki Bureaucrat 19:19, April 16, 2015 (UTC)

    My Twitter: JacobAnderson99

    My YouT…

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  • ShatterClub

    New Homepage Look!

    February 27, 2015 by ShatterClub

    Hello, Wikians!

    I'd like to draw your attention to the homepage for a moment. I've been keeping up with Wikia Community Central updates, and this new feature was added to the Features/Labs section, allowing for another image to be superimposed at the top, as well as give the main navigtion slider a new contemporary look. I added it in, but it almost seems a little too bulky to me. I like it, but I'd like to get some community consensus: what do you guys think of the new homepage look?

    Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

    Good Hunting!

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  • ShatterClub

    Hello, TOR Wikians!

    If you guys were unaware, TOR Wiki applied for a spotlight back in 2013, but we were hoping to generate more contributions and attract new users to the Wiki again, so I applied just about a week ago for another spotlight. I recieved a reply from Wikia staff, essentially stating that we need to clean up the Stubs category before we can proceed. 

    The limit on stubs that can be on a Wiki before a spotlight can be accepted is 1/5 of all total pages. In our case, that's a max of about 800, but we have over 1400. I need to ask that everyone do what they can to help us out with removing the Stub category from articles that you believe don't need it and cleaning up other articles so that we can remove it as well. Once we have the number down to around 800 flat (you can check the total number of pages with the category here), I will let Staff know so that we can go forward.

    The reason why I asked again is because I feel like we can direct more users or interested parties here,…

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  • ShatterClub

    As if BioWare wasn't doing enough to make us want to purchase or pre-order the new Shadow of Revan expansion, more trailers were uploaded to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic YouTube channel, giving more insight into what players will expect starting December 2nd.

    There's no denying that the expansion will change the playstyle of the game, but there are a few details in these trailers that might pass by some people. Watch closely and see what I'm talking about.

    What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and voice your opinion.

    Don't forget to pre-order the expansion!

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  • ShatterClub

    Hello, Wikians!

    I've been browsing Wikia recently seeing that lots of people aren't liking the new editor all that much. Wikia added this feature a few months back, beginning with Community Central. 

    They also added a feature for all administrators that would allow us to enable the editor across our respective Wikis. Ours is currenly disabled, but Wikia added something that would alllow us to use it anyway (with or without our approval). I actually had someone who asked me about it, and we figured out how to reset it back to it's classic visual/source mode editing like the image below.


    1. Hover your courser over your username in the top right.
    2. Click on "My preferences" on the drop-down list.
    3. Click the "Editing" tab at the top of the settings list.
    4. Click on the "Preferred Editor" drop-down list under "Editing Experience" and select the "Wikia's classic rich-text editor (where avalible)" option
    5. Scroll down and click the "Save" button at the bottom to save your preferences.

    If anyone e…

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  • ShatterClub

    After a few weeks of letting us wonder what they're going to be doing with Revan, BioWare has finally revealed what the teaser trailer was for: the second pay-for digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They released this trailer on just a few hours ago.


    Details as to what is in the new expansion have been updated to, and the major features read as follows

    • Official Launch Date: December 9th, 2014
    • Early Access opens for all who preorder by November 2nd, 2014 (EA date: December 2nd, 2014, so EA is open for one week leading up to the official launch)
    • Storyline continues that of the Forged Alliances flashpoint series, where you fight alongside your Republic or Imperial allies to destroy the Revanite invasion, led by none other than Revan himself. 
    • NEW LEVEL CAP: Level 56-60
    • NO MORE SKILL TREES: That system will be replaced by the disipline system at the start of early access for all players: click here to see's Dev Team explanation
    • NEW ELDE…

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Christmas theme

    December 10, 2013 by Dosadnik 1

    So Im trying out a christmasy theme. Tell me what you think. Give suggestions how it can be improved. If too many people dont like I will revert to the old one, but i thought this could be a nice change for christmas.

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  • ShatterClub

    Hello all Wiki admins, users and regular viewers,

    I've been looking at the Wiki for some time now, browsing through random pages and other articles, and the one thing I've seen is that the Wiki is a big mess. Only a few mission, and character pages actually follow a similar format, and a lot of KOTOR and KOTOR II pages hardly have enough information to really be considered worthy of being on the Wiki. I'm not saying that any information is bad, or that any information provided by other users is not helpful to the Wiki's development, but that info needs more of the same info to really help SWTOR and KOTOR players with gameplay and understanding. Therefore, I propose a Wiki clean-up project to help the Wiki with development. Here's the plan or proccess as I think it needs to be done:

    • Viewing KOTOR pages and seeing if they have enough information, and, if not, going into KOTOR and playing it until there can be enough conclusive information to add to the wiki,
    • Finding pages that may appear a…
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  • Dosadnik 1

    New Wiki Forums?

    May 25, 2013 by Dosadnik 1

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you guys think of the "new" forums for wikia. As it stands now nobody is using the TOR wiki forums so I was wondering if I enabled the new ones maybe it will be easier to use and more people would do that. So should I enable it and see if it works out or should we keep the old style forums?

    Here's a link to the features of the new forum: Link

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  • MikeTheDuke

    Over at they have provided a new Insider.  It talks about the updates that is coming in 2.1 Customization.  The 2.1 update includes the ability customize the look of your character after you have created it from the simple changing hair colour, eyes, build and even to race.

    Update 2.1 also includes the species Cathar, and the customisation will allow you to change to that species.  This offers some insight into the new species and changes coming in 2.1.  No release date has been provided nor as there been word about this on the PTS.

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  • Larry Fuqua

    Now that the Return of the Gree is live, players will be looking for updated information related to this update, especially the Relics of the Gree World Event and the Galactic Reputation system.  Unfortunately, most of this content is targeted toward higher level characters.  I don't have an active high level character.  So, consider this a call for assistance to those with characters of the appropriate level to assist where possible.  The most useful information will be details on the event, missions and items.  Since the World Event will only last for couple of weeks, that is certainly a priority for information gathering.

    Thanks in advance to any who can help fill out this content information and enjoy the event.

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  • Larry Fuqua

    Gree World Event Coming

    January 20, 2013 by Larry Fuqua

    It appears that along with the last update patch, came news of a new World Event, 1.7 Return of the Gree, that we'll see with the next minor release. In case you aren't aware, you might want to go check it out. The main thing you probably want to be aware of is that you'll really want to have a level 50 character ready for this event. Its focused on Ilum and of course the ancient Gree.

    Unfortunately, for those like me, spending most my time under the cap it doesn't sound like it will provide as much significance. I have a level 48 I might push up to 50, but mostly I've moved on to another character.

    In addition this release will introduce the new Reputation system. It also seems focused on the high level end of the gameplay, so thats where you'll want to be to get a chance to start experiencing this new game mechanic as well.

    So, if really want to enjoy this next release, I encourage you to get leveling if you aren't already near the cap!

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  • Larry Fuqua

    State of the Game #2 has been posted on the SWTOR official news page.  It basically gives an update on current state, future state, and some hot topics. My rundown, from a purely pesonal standpoint:

    In the hear and now, mentions some additional growing around the way Free 2 Play works. So still tweaking.

    For the near future there is love for the PvP-ers (not me, yet). Mentions the digital expansion coming (I pre-ordered).

    Hot topics, weren't so hot for me:

    • "Elder Game Content"
    ugh...I'd rather they grow the game wide than long, if you know what I mean. If you don't, ask me.
    • PvP
    more ugh...PvP is what I do when I've nothing else to do. I'm just not that menacing. To be fair, some love it...but its kind of a different game for me. One I'm just not that into. Wouldn't I just go play Team Fortress 2 or something? I know...I just don't get it.
    • Character Copy to Public Test Server
    Meh...I've plenty to do on the main servers. May be interested in character copy between them.
    • Same Gender Romance
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  • Dosadnik 1

    So apparently there will be a new world event coming very shortly. Apparently fan sites were notified in advance of the upcoming event and were given a teaser video. That video is circulating on YouTube, so you can just search for "Chevin Teaser" and you should find it before long. On a different, but yet related note. (maybe) There will be no downtime required for the Tuesday maintenance this week. That could be an indication that the event will start tomorrow, but for all we know it might have already done so. So keep your eyes peeled for the new even coming soon™.

    UPDATE: Here's the official video:

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Well some expected it, some didn't, some are super exited, some don't give a damn, but TOR is going F2P. From what they have released so far it seems that they will be going the LotRO model where you can choose between a subscription or free to play, where F2P limits your access to a certain level while Subscription gives you full access plus bonuses. You will be able to purchase the content if you are F2P however. BioWare is introducing the Cartel Market, which is their version of the real money shops from other games. The curency is Cartel Coins which will be available for purchase as well as received by Subscribers every month. Furthermore BioWare is offering rewards to current, former and new subscribers of TOR. You can see all of them here. Beyond that TOR will be going on sale at retail in August for $14.99 USD which includes a free month of subscription. So that's it guys, TOR is going Free to Play. If you like that, or not, or even don't care tell us what you think in the comm…

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  • Dosadnik 1

    New Logo!

    July 24, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    Rougly a week ago I ask the Content development team to design a new logo for the wiki. And this is what JoePlay came up with. What do you think? I personally think it's awesome and is a huge improvement over the old one. Give your thoughts and suggestions bellow if you think something should be changed.

    Here's the logo:

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  • Dosadnik 1

    As you may have noticed some of the colors on the wiki as well as few mainpage elements have changed. The reason for that is quite simply we are changing up the homepage and the theme of the wiki to make it look better. We are making the homepage more modular, kind of how the Dragon Age wiki is. I have already changed the "News" and "Our Friends" sections to show how it is going to look like. Please give your opinions here. Thanks!

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Looking for Admins

    July 4, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    Hi, everyone! The thing is I'm currently the only active admin on the wiki as far as I can tell since Scimatt and Drudenfusz haven't been on here for a very long time, and honestly I don't think they've been on any wiki either. Anyway I need help, I need someone to talk to about stuff and make decisions etc. Now I could be a dictator (wiktator?) but I don't wanna and honestly I don't think it's that fun either. So if you want to be an Admin please leave a comment here or on my talk page. I'll see what you have done on the wiki and decide if you will become an Admin. Good luck to you all!

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Datacron Guides

    June 2, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    So about Datacron Guides. I've seen that the links on the Datacron Locations page change every month or so. So I was wondering instead of relying on other people's videos we make our own. Therefore I'm asking if anyone is willing to make datacron guides specifically for the wiki? If you are then just go ahead and speak now or forever hold your peace :)

    Sorry about disabling commenting. I didn't notice untill now. And I was wondering why there was no responce.

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Related Videos

    June 2, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    So now that we have the Related Videos panel I was wondering if we should remove all the videos from the pages and have them in the Related Videos instead. What do you guys think?

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  • AskMrRobot

    Combat Log Parser

    April 12, 2012 by AskMrRobot

    Talk about a perfect project for Mr. Robot – he’s a data analysis MACHINE! To live up to that title, he’s built several features for us humans to use. You can check out the combat log tool here, or check out a view with pre-loaded logs.

    • Easy uploading: You can upload your combat logs with any name, even if you renamed it. You can also upload several logs at the same time, if they are from the same run. However, Mr. Robot doesn’t want you to upload unrelated logs, it will confuse him! (Don’t worry, he’ll give you a warning if he’s confused). You can find your combat log in under “My Documents > Star Wars – The Old Republic > Combat Logs.” If the folder is empty, make sure you have “Enable Combat Logging” checked in your preferences menu in-game.
    • Share reports with friends: You can share a link to any report, any view. Try this: switch from one report tab to another, and watch the URL change. If you copy that URL at any point, it will link to the view you had in front of you at that time. …
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  • Dosadnik 1

    And yes with thoday's maintenance the long awaited Patch 1.2 - Legacy was rolled out on the Live Servers. You can see the pathcnotes here. Unfortunately Ranked Warzones couldn't make to the Live Servers. Lead Game Designer Daniel Erickson explains why here ! See you in game.

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  • AskMrRobot

    It’s time to get your undies in a bundle! Mr. Robot is THE FIRST database to have the patch 1.2 SWTOR items live! You can /cheer for him now… maybe even a /woot would be appropriate.

    • 1.2 Legacy Gear
    • 1.2 Light Armor
    • 1.2 Medium Armor
    • 1.2 Heavy Armor
    • 1.2 Ears / Implants / Relics
    • 1.2 Ranged Weapons
    • 1.2 Melee Weapons
    • 1.2 Offhands
    • 1.2 Mods
    • 1.2 Consumables
    • 1.2 Companion Gear
    • Campaign gear is currently a bit messy, we’re cleaning it up

    Need a little help sorting through what’s what?

    • Legacy System
    • 1.2 Armor Models
    • Black Hole Dailies on Corellia

    You can now equip any of the gear to a character in Mr. Robot’s Character Builder, see an example of a full War Hero set. If you don’t want to sift through those items on your character, there is a toggle to turn the 1.2 items off.

    Remember: Mr. Robot is dedicated to having accurate data. We’re looking for sources for the following sets of items, if you have a screenshot, send it our way!

    • Birthright – where do you get the construction kits?
    • Inheritance – where do you get t…

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Yes patch 1.2 is now on the PTS. The patchnotes are available here. The patch is huge, with 2 and a half forum pages, the posts as big as I don't know what. Go check it out. Also it appears that you get a title for playing a character on the PTS. You get one at lvl 10 and one when you finnish chapter 1. So go test it out and get a title.

    Something to add. Apparently they will be removing the Korrealis Commander and the Korrealis Baron speeders from the game. So if you don't own it, now is a good time to get it. Reminder: Nothing is final and it may change, so they may not remove them after all, but to be on the safe side, go get those speeders. (If you want them of course)

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  • AskMrRobot

    We just launched a new item database, and you're probably wondering why the internet needs another source. The answer: this one is accurate and has a lot of cool data.

    • Fake items have been removed. Some items, like mastercraft mods, currently don't exist, so you won't find them in our database.
    • Mods & gear they can be ripped from: we are the first and only database to give you a list of gear that mods can be ripped from, see for yourself.
    • Random items & their variants: we are also the first and only source to have a complete list of random items and all variants, like this example.
    • Crafted items and variants: we also have all of the crafted variants with correct stats.
    • 3rd party API: in the next couple of weeks, we are launching an API that will return JSON data for characters and items. If you're developing a tool or have a cool use for your site (like even this wiki!) let me know :)

    What's missing:

    • Some item source information, like mission rewards and world drops. Also, the normal mode flas…

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  • Dosadnik 1

    The 1.2 preview video is now available on the SWTOR website. It's also featured on the Main Page here. So if you missed it at the Guild summit or just want to see it in HD, go chek it out!

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Patch 1.1.5

    March 6, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    And it's live. After todays maintenace that took 6 hours, Patch 1.1.5 is now live on the servers. There are many things in this weeks patch that seem to be really a preparation for Patch 1.2 which is scheduled to come out sometime in April. Some important stuff are: New items that were not available before, also prises drops on some speeders in preparation for 1.2. A new "Very Low" Shader setting. Some new warzone fixes, including DoTs not affecting Node capturing anymore, timers on speeders in Alderaan and more. There was the usual Bug Fixes as well. You can check out the full patch notes Here.

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  • AskMrRobot

    Today (March 5, 2012), Bioware hosted a guild summit and discussed a lot of upcoming changes in patch 1.2.

    • They are expanding on a lot of the legacy features
    • All crafting crew skills will be reworked so they are all useable for end-game
    • Several guild features will roll out, including a guild bank
    • 2 new dungeons will be released, 1 operation (Explosive Conflict) and 1 flashpoint (Lost Island)
    • PVP ranking will be introduced which will help with the matchmaking system
    • A new PVE and PVP set will be introduced
    • A moddable UI will also be implemented (3rd parties won't be able to develop mods, but users will be able to instead move elements of the UI around and customize it. They should be using the word 'customizable' instead of 'moddable')

    For full articles, visit IGN's Summary or Dulfy's Blog (including Q&A details).

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  • AskMrRobot

    Ask Mr. Robot just released a Character Builder and Armory for SW:TOR. Once Bioware releases an official armory, we'll use that to verify characters, which will be pretty handy.

    Right now, you can build your in-game character on the site, including gear, skill-tree, crew skills, and even datacrons. You can also outfit your companions, and set up a wish list. Take a look at my character as an example.

    We have a lot of new features coming very soon, and want to hear your ideas.

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  • AskMrRobot

    Patch 1.1.5 - Feb 28, 2011

    February 28, 2012 by AskMrRobot

    This Patch is NOT LIVE: Patch 1.1.5 has some anticipated PVP changes. Healers now get kill credit when a healed player kills someone. Also, valor and commendations are only earned for the first 4 medals now.

    Full patch notes >>

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  • Sjant

    Patch 1.1.4 has been released

    February 22, 2012 by Sjant

    It's wednesday, and we all what that means - server maintenance and game patching.

    Patch 1.1.4 brought us some improvements to the UI and the abilty to unbind the Help Request button which has annoyed a lot of the European players. A fix to prevent a PvP exploit was also implemented with todays patch.

    Happy Gaming!

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Happy Valentines day to you love birds out there. With the maintenance today BioWare delovered Patch 1.1.3. And you'll be in for a surprise. We have our first ever Holiday in the game. Yes that is correct you can now celebrate Valentines day in...

    ...Your dreams!

    Got you! Yeah, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. But there is a new patch and you can check out the Patch Notes right Here.

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Patch 1.1.2 is here

    February 7, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    With today's sceduled maintanence the new patch 1.1.2 was implemented. There are many bug fixes and other changes. You can check out the patch notes Here.

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Patch 1.1.1 is live

    January 31, 2012 by Dosadnik 1

    Patch 1.1.1 is now on the live servers after today's sceduled maintanence. The patch notes are now available and you can check them out here.

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  • Sjant

    1.1.1 Patch Notes

    January 23, 2012 by Sjant

    • General
      • Fixed a bug that could cause the Global Cooldown to appear as if it has been cancelled when it is actually still in effect, resulting in a feeling of unresponsiveness to input.
      • Corrected an issue that could cause an ability icon to appear usable but be unresponsive to clicks or keypresses for several seconds.
      • Players revived by other players, including by in-combat revival abilities, now revive with 25% of maximum health.
    • Jedi Knight, Guardian
      • Freezing Force: Now correctly lasts 9 seconds (up from 6 seconds).
    • Jedi Consular, Sage
      • Mental Alacrity: Now correctly costs no Force to activate.
      • Salvation: No longer heals targets twice on application. It now correctly heals all affected targets once when applied.
    • Smuggler, Scoundrel
      • Flechette Round: Now provides 30% armor penetration while active.
      • K.O.: This ability now knocks the target down for 1.5 seconds.
      • Shoot First: The damage output of this ability has been decreased by approximately 20% to control burst damage and because it was enabling s…

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  • Sjant

    See what the future holds for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ in this brand new video which showcases some of the new game content and game systems that we will release in the coming months. In it, you will be able to take your first look at upcoming game content, including new Warzones and Flashpoints. You will also have the chance to get a sneak peek at the expanded Legacy system that’s coming to the game, UI customization, as well as new Guild features!

    Watch the video at

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  • Dosadnik 1

    Update: The maintenance has now been rescheduled for Wednesday, December 18, 2012 from 2AM CET to 10AM CET. Rise of the Rakghouls will be implemented during that maintenance. Official Post: Link

    Game Update 1.1: Rise of the Rakghouls has been postponed due to issues discovered during testing on the Public Test Server. It was supposed to be rolled out during the Schedueled Maintanence on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012, but it will now occur at a later date that has not yet been stated. It will hopefully be rolled out in the next few days so that we can all enjoy the new content and the improvements that come with it.

    You can read the official DevTracker post by Amber Green and the Community Blog entry: Here and Here

    Good Gaming everyone!

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  • Soldierscuzzy

    The first content update ever for Star Wars The Old Republic will be available this Tuesday. Dubbed Rise of the Rakghouls, the update will see “a lot of the things our community has been asking for – additional higher level group content, features like anti-aliasing, PvP bracketing and more. In the future, game updates will be even more substantial, as we promise to continue to not only add to The Old Republic, but to also improve and refine the experience with the full Legacy System and new Guild features” according to Dr. Greg Zeschuk, General Manager of the BioWare Label’s MMO Business Unit and Co-Founder of BioWare.

    Flashpoint: Kaon Under Siege is a completely new and unique group combat experience located on Kaon, a planet in the Tion Hegemony, a strategically important sector of the galaxy that has remained neutral, Groups of up to four Republic or Imperial players must race to Kaon to eliminate the Rakghouls outbreak, securing the allegiance of the Tion Hegemony for their respec…

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  • MarkvA

    There is no doubt about it, Star Wars The Old Republic is not only going to be an absolutely amazing game, but also a ground-breaking MMORPG. Ever since the game was announced back in 2007, the huge development team has continuously been improving the game and readying it for 20 December 2011, only 5 days from now, when the game will finally be released.

    If you're not sure if the game is worth buying, this list of 11 amazing SWTOR features will definitely convince you! If there's something you really like about the game and it isn't on the list, feel free to leave it in the comments!

    1. Voice acting - One of the best features of the game: full voice acting! No MMORPG has ever had voice acting on this scale, with every single character having an actor. Even the player character is fully voiced!
    2. Choices - It wouldn't be a BioWare game if it didn't feature some sort of dialog system. The choices you make in the game could very well decide the outcome of the Galactic War!
    3. Companions - Another f…

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  • MaxiRage

    The guild changes are now finally in! Most eligible guilds have been transferred into the game, and BioWare have chosen their servers. Be sure you check your guild home page or the Guild HQ for your guilds server name, before you get into the game.

    Guild HQ:

    Here is BioWare article on the subject, and guide:

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  • MaxiRage

    On december 8th Stephen Reid announced that they have now moved early access from December 15th to an earlier December 13th, They've also extended the maximum early access period of up to 5 days, to a new number of up to 7 days. Early access will end on December 19th, full launch is December 20th. The full article posted by Stephen Reid on the SWTOR forum is bellow, and I've also provided a direct forum post link to the topic.

    Hello everyone,
    We're happy to finally announce today that Early Game Access begins December 13th, 2011. This means that everyone who has pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeemed their pre-order code will have up to seven days to play the game early.
    As before, when your Early Game Access begins will be determined based on when you redeemed your pre-order code. You will be emailed on the day you are being admitted to Early Game Access to confirm you can now access the game.
    Early Game Access was extended …

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  • Alexsau1991

    The NDA has been lifted!

    November 18, 2011 by Alexsau1991

    The nondisclosure agreement that prevents players from discussing or showing what they have experienced in TORs beta has now been lifted, meaning leaks are now non-existant. [1]

    That doesn't mean information can be added with out correct sourcing, far from it. For example, if one tester says that Twi'lek's are playable by the Sith Warrior it can not be added unless their is proof to back it up.

    We should be vigilant about fake information being added from this point on, as for us non-testers we can't know for sure if information is true of false.

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