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Nico Okarr



"Well, guess who's got the fastest ship in the sector."
―Okarr to captors as the station comes under attack[src]

Nico Okarr[1] was a human male smuggler who helped Satele Shan and Jace Malcom escape the Fall of Korriban.


"It was no coincidence that Captain Okarr had come to Korriban that day. It was the Force. No other pilot could have so deftly maneuvered us through that maelstrom. I owe him as much as I owe Master Kao."
―Grand Master Satele Shan[src]

He was trying to smuggle Sith artifacts off the planet Korriban when Satele Shan and Kao Cen Darach, together with Jace Malcom, arrested him. However, before they could place him in a cell, Sith Battlecruisers attacked the Korriban Space Station. With no other ships that were fast enough to escape, Captain Okarr immediately offered his services and his ship. They headed for the Hangar Bay, fighting Imperial soldiers on the way. Once in the Hangar Bay, an Imperial Interceptor entered and from it emerged Malgus and Vindican . A battle ensued between the two Jedi and the two Sith, while Nico and Malcom prepared the ship. When the Ship was ready for flight, Kao told Satele to leave and warn the Republic, while he would stay and fight the Sith to hold them off. Satele jumped on the Ship while Nico commanded her and Malcom to get on the blaster turrets. Nico flew the ship out of the hangar bay and after a series of dangerous maneuvers between the Sith Battlecruisers, he engaged the hyperdrive and they finally jumped into hyperspace and successfully escaped.



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