Ona Querit
Ona Querit

"Kaliyo. You haven't change."
―Ona addressing Kaliyo as they pointed weapons at each other.
Ona Querit was a female Human Bounty Hunter who lived during the Cold War. Ona was once daughter of a Senator, she was seduced to leave Coruscant to live a life of adventure among the galaxy's criminal elements by Kaliyo Djannis. However her father didn't freeze her accounts, he believed his daughter was kidnapped. Kaliyo then left Ona on the planet Ylesia, she cried for a month when Kaliyo Djannis left her. While on Alderaan, she learned how to duel and become skilled, she later become a bounty hunter and went under name the "Menace". She would later try hunt down Kaliyo Djannis not for her bounty, but to show her how strong she become.

Weapons and Equipment

Ona Querit in her Mandalorian armor

Ona Querit in her Mandalorian armour.

Ona wore a green and red set of Mandalorian armor and a blaster pistol. She was skilled with her jetpack and used shock darts on her targets.


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