Non-Player Character
Operations Chief

Operations Chief is the fourth boss in the operation Scum and Villainy.


Story Mode

This is not a regular boss battle. To reach the chief himself, the group must travel through the Oasis City and eliminate four security teams stationed inside the city. The four teams must be eliminated and the chief attacked within 10 minutes, otherwise an alarm will go off and the group must start over.

The security teams are color coded: red, blue, gold and green. Check the map to learn their location. Each security team can only be attacked by 2 group members at most (8 player mode, in 16 man max is 4 members per team). Any more than 2, and you have to start over the whole thing. To that end, divide the group into pairs. The city is also crawling with powerful security droids. Avoid them as best as you can. Defeating them doesn't help much because they respawn almost instantly after they have been destroyed. If you get noticed by the droids, use crowd control on them to get them off your back.

Each security team has different kind of members. Here are tactics for each group:

  • Blue: Consists 2 trandoshans, that have a powerful smash attack. Get behind them or interrupt them when they are about to unleash it.
  • Gold: This team has an efficient healer. Kill it first and interrupt his healing abilities.
  • Green: These guys are pushovers. The real danger comes from the droid near them. Don't awaken it while fighting the green team.
  • Red: Red team members are a sniper and a pyrotech. Kill pyrotech first.

After all security teams have been taken out, the shield to the command HQ, where the chief himself is, is down. Gather the group at the HQ entrance and attack the chief before time limit runs out. The chief itself acts pretty much like Snipers but he has some abilities that cause heavy damage. He can't be interrupted, so Healers need to remain alert. The chief also calls rail turrets to support him. Take them out quickly.

Hard Mode

On hard mode the strategy for this isn't any different from story mode. The only differences are that enemies are tougher and that you have only have 6 minutes to reach the chief.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

Operations Chief 8-Man Story Mode07:19

Operations Chief 8-Man Story Mode

Operations Chief 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

Operations Chief 8-Man Hard Mode07:53

Operations Chief 8-Man Hard Mode

Operations Chief 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

Operations Chief 8-Man Nightmare Mode05:21

Operations Chief 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Operations Chief 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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