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Operator IX
Operator IX
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Operator IX is the third boss in Terror From Beyond operation.


Story Mode

This boss is a tricky one. The battle has 2 phases. First, the operations group must be divided into 4 pairs. Pairs should be Tank/DPS and Healer/DPS in 8 player mode. Each pair will then choose 1 out of 4 colors: blue, orange, purple and yellow. When the color is chosen, players will be transported to the battle area. From there the players must get ready in order to fight the boss.

Phase 1

In phase 1 the goal is to destroy the 8 data cores on the sides of the room. However, they are shielded. The colors mentioned earlier will determine what to do. First color is blue. But first, destroy the 2 droids in the room.

To bring down the shields from the data cores, blue Tank/Healer must go stand into the blue colored circle in the middle of the room (next to Master Controller enemy). While standing there, a blue colored console will activate next to the lower left pillar (when looked from the entrance) near the middle circle. The blue colored DPS must then channel that console in order to bring down the shields from 2 cores that are directly facing each other. Other DPS must then destroy those 2 cores preferably in 70 seconds. When the 2 cores have been destroyed, the active color will change to orange. Repeat this pattern with orange, purple and yellow respectively. The color order is: blue, orange, purple, yellow.

While DPS takes care of the cores, Tanks will keep enemies from interrupting their job. Should the DPS fail to destroy the 2 cores in the 70 second time limit, a powerful enemy called Rectifier will appear. This enemy can take out the party quickly, so should it appear, everyone must focus on it to bring it down quickly. It's preferred that no Rectifiers appear. If healing is not really required, Healers can assist DPS in taking out the cores.

Phase 2

After all 8 data cores have been destroyed, the Operator IX will appear in the middle of the room, where the Master Controller enemy was. This phase isn't so hard. Main Tank needs to take its attention and the rest of the group will keep attacking it. Operator IX has only one attack ability to look out for: Black Obtuse. This attack can easily wipe out the whole party in a single hit. It's a channeling ability, but since the Operator can't be interrupted, there is only one way to stop the attack. Around the boss there are 8 small circles. When the boss starts channeling Black Obtuse, those circles will turn into blue, orange, purple and yellow colors, 2 circles for each color. The players with corresponding colors must go stand into those circles in order to turn them off. If you manage to turn off all 8 circles, the Black Obtuse will channel to the end, but it deals no damage. If even one circle remains active, Black Obtuse deals extreme damage that can easily kill a player. This will happen several times during the battle. Also, while channeling Black Obtuse, standing next to the boss deals some damage, and the boss will also become immune to damage.

Hard Mode

The battle idea remains the same, but there are 5 critical differences:

  1. Annoying electrical spheres will circle around the middle section of the room. They stun nearby players. The spheres are color coded, and although anyone can destroy them, it's better that corresponding colored players destroys them. Destroying a sphere is also a must, because they will provide a buff that is needed on a new ability the boss has on phase 2. There is one sphere for each member in 8-player mode.
  2. Normally you would face Recognizer enemies in blue, orange and purple phases and 1 Regulator enemy during yellow phase. In hard mode however, you will face Regulators during orange phase as well. They are a lot tougher than Recognizers. You also have about 10 seconds before another one spawns. Don't get overwhelmed!
  3. When Operator IX has appeared, there will be additional enemies. Off-tank should look out for them and they should be taken out quickly.
  4. Black Obtuse channel time has been reduced to 8 seconds.
  5. As a new tactic, Operator IX will now use ability called Color Deletion. Color Deletion will target one random member. That member must run directly under the boss, and another member of the color mentioned in a warning text (for example, XXX has been targeted by blue deletion protocol), must also run under the boss to save the targeted member. If this fails, targeted member will die instantly. You have 5 seconds to do this. In order to save a member, the spheres in phase 1 must be destroyed. Every member needs to destroy a sphere of their color to get the buff that provides the needed protection. This happens 8 times in total.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

Operator IX 8-Man Story Mode09:56

Operator IX 8-Man Story Mode

Operator IX 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

Operator IX 8-Man Hard Mode10:42

Operator IX 8-Man Hard Mode

Operator IX 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

Operator IX 8-Man Nightmare Mode08:59

Operator IX 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Operator IX 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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