Unknown Regions
Allegiance The Dread Masters


"Located in an unremarkable system well off the Hydian Way, Oricon seems an almost arbitrary choice for the Dread Masters’ home. But anyone with an affinity for the Force can sense that the rocky Outer Rim moon is immeasurably strong with the dark side. Perhaps this is because the legendary Phobis devices are housed on Oricon; perhaps the Phobis devices were built on the moon long ago because of the dark side’s preexistence there. The once-lifeless orb now brims with creatures from across the galaxy, corrupted and driven to frenzy by the Dread Masters’ dark experiments. It has also become a starship graveyard, as Republic and Imperial fleets poised to attack the Dread Masters’ fortress, torn apart by waves of madness and fear, crashed to the surface. There can be no doubt that Oricon is now one of the most hazardous destinations in the galaxy."
―In-game Codex (Planets)[src]

Oricon is a small moon in the Outer Rim territories.

It is characterized by rough ground, small hillocks, twisted vegetation (such as that in dread-seeded areas), foul lakes, fallen trees and pits of lava. Several beasts and Dread Guard minions stalk its rocky landscape. The wreckage of several spacecraft litter the area.

Oricon is an endgame destination to do battle with the Dread Masters, who nominally control the moon. A quest line takes a character through the daily missions which are then unlocked as dailies once the quest is complete.

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