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"Of all the wretched and lawless regions that dot the sun-bleached surface of Tatooine, there’s one forsaken strip of desert that even the most hardened wanderers avoid: the Outlaw’s Den. A ghost town whose sad history consists only of conquest, desperation and despair. Dozens of gangs, pirate crews and even native raiders have claimed the blighted region over the years, but never for long as the place seems to attract the criminal element like a lure. Some say the land is cursed, others say it’s the ghosts of the murdered settlers who drive trespassers to violence, all that’s really known is that no one is ever truly safe in the Outlaw’s Den."
―In-game Codex[src]

Outlaw's Den is a PvP area located south of Outpost Salara and east-northeast of Outpost Zaroshe on Tatooine. Patch 1.0.2 removed higher level scavenging nodes from Tatooine, so nodes of higher level do not show up here any longer. Mercenary Commendation chests were also removed, then reinstated in a later update. In this area, any player, regardless if they are Republic or Empire can attack you if they are not in your party.

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