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While there are countless worlds in the Galaxy, the following planets are confirmed as featured in the game.

Some worlds will include 'world-level' bosses (e.g., massive robots, rancors) that will require larger groups to defeat.[1] Many of the planets have been developed in ways that show the progression of cultures and politics on that world; for example, the path of Jedi resettlement on Tython can be traced, the past wars on Balmorra can be identified in different zones, and the continuing presence of damaged ruins as opposed to areas of new construction on Coruscant helps reveal the twisted politics of the capitol-world.[2]

Starting planets

Other planets

List of planets

Planet Alignment Start level End level Rim Comment
Alderaan Independent 28 32 Coreward Worlds
Balmorra Independent (Imperial Controlled) 16 (I), 32 (R) 20 (I), 36 (R) Coreward Worlds
Belsavis Galactic Republic 41 44 Distant Outer Rim
Corellia Galactic Republic 47 50 Coreward Worlds
Coruscant Galactic Republic 10 16 Core Worlds
CZ-198 Independent (Czerka Controlled) 55 55 Unknown Regions
Dromund Kaas Sith Empire 10 16 Seat of the Empire
Hoth Contested 37 41 Distant Outer Rim
Ilum None 50 50 Unknown Regions
Korriban Sith Empire 1 10 Seat of the Empire Starting zone for Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor
Hutta Neutral 1 10 Hutt Space Starting zone for Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter
Makeb Independent (Hutt Controlled) 50 55 Hutt Space Released with Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel
Mannan Independent 55 55 Core Worlds Released with Game Update 2.9: Galactic Strongholds Early Access
Nar Shaddaa Neutral 20 24 Hutt Space
Ord Mantell Galactic Republic 1 10 Mid Rim Starting zone for Smuggler and Trooper
Oricon Independent (Dread Master Controlled) 55 55 Seat of the Empire Released with Game Update 2.4: The Dread War
Quesh Galactic Republic 36 37 Hutt Space
Taris Independent (Republic Controlled) 16 (R), 32 (I) 20 (R), 36 (I) Seat of the Empire
Tatooine Independent 24 28 Distant Outer Rim
Tython Galactic Republic 1 10 Deep Core Starting zone for Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular
Voss Independent 44 47 Outer Rim


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