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The Star Forge was a massive factory built by the Rakata over 20 millennia ago and was discovered by Darth Revan and his apprentice after the Jedi Civil War.

Revan used the factory to expand his, former Galactic Republic, forces by using to create fleets, droids armour and more in a very short space of time with few resources allowing him and Malak to make a massive attack against the Republic, expanding the Sith Empire and bringing the Republic and the Jedi on the brink of collapse.

The Star Forge was not only a factory but a source of great Dark Side energy corrupting those who use it, this brought the collapse of the Rakata Infinite Empire; because of this Revan spent little time on the Star Forge its self and intended to stop using it and rely on what shipyards and factories he captured from the Republic, Malak however did as the Rakata and used it to continue creating what seemed like an endless armada...

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