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This lore can be found by a Consular on Voss.


Voss Mystics are both born and made. Children who show signs of talent in either prophecy or healing are sent to the Tower of Prophecy for training and study. When these potentials are old enough, they may go on a pilgrimage across Voss where they visit holy sites, fast and meditate on their future roles. A potential’s training does not end until he either performs a great act of healing or experience a vision. If a potential Mystic begins his training but fails to complete it, he is allowed to re-enter Voss society and is referred to as a “lost potential.” Although there is no stigma to failing Mystic training, lost potentials are often left feeling isolated from other Voss due to their long study and experience of the rituals at the Tower of Prophecy. What greater role lost potentials will fulfill in the Voss prophecies is still an unanswered question.

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