These are the Powers and Abilities in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Combat Feats


Armour Proficiency

Determines whether the character is able to wear Light, Medium or Heavy armour.

Weapon Proficiency

Determines whether a character is allowed to wield a weapon type, either Melee, Blaster, Blaster Rifle, Heavy or Lightsaber. Upgrading to Focus or Specialisation applies bonuses to using that type of weapon.


Improves attack and defence while wielding a single weapon. Upgrading to Improved or Mastered applies extra bonuses.

Two-Weapon Fighting

While every character is able to use two weapons, Two-Weapon Fighting removes the off-hand penalty and allows the character use of staff weapons. Upgrading to Improved or Mastered applies extra bonuses.


Grants a bonus to resist attacks, effects and powers, aka 'saving throws'. Upgrading to Improved or Mastered applies extra bonuses.


Critical Strike


Power Attack

Power Blast

Rapid Shot

Sniper Shot

Force Powers

Jedi Guardian

Force Jump

When an opponent is at range, the Guardian can jump large distances to close the gap. This power is passive, available at Guardian 1 and is upgraded to Improved at Guardian 6 and Mastered at Guardian 12.

Jedi Sentinel

Force Immunity: Fear/Stun/Paralysis

Specialised forms of Immunity that specifically protect the user from the effects of Fear, Stun or Paralyse Force powers at Sentinel levels 1, 6 and 12 respectively.

Jedi Consular

Force Focus

Light Side


Stun Droid

Force Aura

Force Valour

Force Healing


The first phase in Force Healing.


Universal Powers

Throw Lightsaber

Using the force telekinetically, the Jedi can throw his/her lightsaber at an opponent from a distance and guide it back to the hand.

Force Speed

Burst of Speed

The first stage of Force Speed, you use the force to speed up your reflexes and movement, gaining double movement speed and +2 Defence. This power cannot be used while wearing armor, making Jedi robes a near necessity.

Knight Speed

With continued training, the benefits of Force Speed are increased, granting double movement speed, +4 Defence and +1 attack per round. These benefits still cannot be used with armor.

Master Speed

Mastery of Force Speed confers the usual double movement speed, +4 Defence and +2 attacks per round.

Force Push

Force Resistance

Force Persuasion

Affect Mind

First phase of force persuasion. This adds a new dialogue option that allows you to persuade people to do as you say using the force. This stage only has a chance of working on most characters and won't guarantee success. (Main character only skill)

Dominate Mind

The last stage of force persuasion. This allows you to persuade nearly anyone using the force. This allows you to persuade anyone into doing something that may benefit you or someone else e.g., giving you a discount on HK-47 from 4000-2500. While this is a universal skill it is considered more of a dark side power so use it wisely if you're a light-sided character.

Force Supression

Dark Side


Force Shock

The first phase of the Force Shock ability.

Force Lightning

The second phase of the Force Shock ability.

Force Storm

The third phase of the Force Shock ability.

Drain Life

Death Field

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