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supply carrier
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Production information
Corellia StarDrive
Technical specifications
45 meters
Max speed
350 km/h (atmosphere)
Resupply freighter

The Quartermaster-class supply carrier was a freighter used by the Republic Navy and civilians before and during the Mandalorian Wars.

Iron hide

The Quartermaster-class featured a reinforced duranium hull which allowed it to withstand horrific damage without falling apart and spilling its cargo into space.

Mixed cargo

The Quartermaster-class was designed specifically to carry a variety of goods and raw materials to worlds in desperate need of relief following the devastation caused by the Great Sith War. The Quartermaster-class was also outfitted to carry a variety of cargoes, including liquids and gases, which made it a popular supply vessel.


By the time of Mandalorian Wars some of the ships had been retired, while some continued to serve as supply vessels for the Republic Navy. Due to its lack of armaments it required an escort of some type, and traveled in a convoy with one or two frigates.

One ship of this class, the Little Bivoli, was operated by a fringer group which provided provisions to the Republic's Courageous battle group during the Mandalorian Wars. It was stolen from its original operators by Slyssk and Marn Hierogryph and continued to serve it's intended role until it was destroyed by the Mandalorians during the Battle of Serroco.

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