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"Reeks are horned, thick-skinned herbivores. They originally hail from the planet Ylesia but can be found all over the galaxy, particularly on Iridonia, Ithor and Tatooine. They are highly sought-after as pack animals, but are also commonly used as mounts. Curiously, reeks’ temperaments are largely dictated by their diets. While they normally subsist on plants, reeks will eat meat if it is offered to them; however, a carnivorous diet turns their skin dark red and makes them extremely hostile. This phenomenon inspired the phrase “mad as a red reek” and has led to the practice of using battle-maddened reeks in gladiatorial arenas."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Reek are large thick-skinned, horned, bovine-esque quadrupeds native to Ylesia, though subspecies of reek could be found on Iridonia, Kashyyyk, Balmorra, the Codian Moon, Tatooine and Saleucami.

Though herbivores by nature, they were often fed meat for exhibition sports and - in extreme cases - executions as seen in the combat arena on Darvannis. All reeks, including subspecies, were normally brown in color and only changed depending on their diet, though their leathery skin turned a dark red when fed meat and made the reeks much more aggressive. As reeks cannot thrive on meat, they were given just enough plant matter to keep them healthy.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Bonegrinder Reek25/26HeadbutterStrong5100/5435
Broadskull Reek26BurrowerStrong4865
Feral Reek24RabidStrong4180
Rockhide Reek27/28HeadbutterNormal2055/2170
Stubborn Reek24/25RavenousStrong4180/4568

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