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Duneskimmer Rill
Level range

"One of the swiftest land animals on Tatooine, the rill is a reptilian predator that hunts womp rats and other large mammals. Fiercely territorial, an individual rill (or a rill and its young) stakes out a patch of desert and defends it vigorously against all intruders. To sleep and protect itself from Tatooine’s blistering heat, the rill burrows into the sand several meters below the surface. These nests are also where rills lay their eggs, burying the eggs under sand to hide them from scavengers. The first task of a newly hatched rill is to successfully dig its way back up to the surface, or else be abandoned by its mother and broodmates."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Agitated Rill24/25ShredderStrong4180/4565
Blisterback Rill26BurrowerStrong4865
Bloodspiller Rill25ShredderStrong4565
Duneskimmer Rill24ShredderStrong4180
Sand People Assault Rill25/26Shredder 1625/1730
Sand People Poisonous Rill24Infected Creature 1490
Sand People Scavenger Rill27Infected Creature 1835
Sand People Stalker Rill26/27HeadbutterStrong4865/5160
Sand People Vicious Rill26Burrower 1730
Sunstrider Rill26/27ShredderStrong4865/5160
Venomous Rill25Infected CreatureStrong4565
Viperfang Rill25/26StingerStrong4565/4865

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