Outer Rim
Allegiance Neutral


Native Races


Rishi is a tropical planet in the Outer Rim, notorious for being a pirate and smuggler haven during the Cold War and Galactic War. It is the homeworld of the Rishii species.


The planet was never part of either the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire, but instead maintained a galactic neutrality and created it's own loose constitution-like guidelines. Actions or events that are considered illegal in the Core Worlds are legal, including goods smuggling, contraband, black marketeering and bounty hunting. 


The planet is made up of several different islands which vary in size. Several are occupied by different criminal orginizations, including the Nova Blades and Torch's Mandalorian clan. The mainland hosts the city of Raider's Cove, the planet's central marketplace and living area. All visitors recognize that there is no law, but a full takeover of Raider's Cove would be a foolish and rash decision, thus those who conduct business in it's streets do so with the knowledge that it only stays a haven for as long as they make it a haven.


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