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The Rubat Crystal is the first power crystal that can be obtained via Archaeology. Rubat Crystals can be used in low-level Synthweaving and Artifice. Rubat Crystals can be found in the open world and can be collected from Archaeology Nodes. There is a chance, upon collection, for color crystals to also be picked up. Rubat Crystals can also be collected through low level Archaeology missions.

Collected Through

Uses in Synthweaving

Uses in Artifice

  • ==Enhancement==
  • ==Lightsaber Hilt==
    • [Might Hilt 2]
    • [Might Hilt 2]
    • [Advanced Might Hilt 2]
    • [Resolve Hilt 2]
    • [Resolve Hilt 2]
    • [Advanced Resolve Hilt 2]
    • [Might Hilt 3]
    • [Might Hilt 3]
    • [Advanced Might Hilt 3]
    • [Resolve Hilt 3]
    • [Resolve Hilt 3]
    • [Advanced Resolve Hilt 3]
    • [Might Hilt 4]
    • [Might Hilt 4]
    • [Advanced Might Hilt 4]
    • [Resolve Hilt 4]
    • [Resolve Hilt 4]
    • [Advanced Resolve Hilt 4]
  • ==Wieldable==
    • [Focus of the Intellect Blade]
    • [Overkill Focus of the Intellect Blade]
    • [Alacrity Power Generator]
    • [Capacitor Shield Generator]
    • [Enhancement Power Generator]
    • [Force Aspirant's Focus]
    • [Modulator Shield Generator]
    • [Neural Power Generator]
    • [Neural Shield Generator]
    • [Pheromone Shield Generator]

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