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"The Rust Yards, according to common wisdom, are where old industrial facilities go to die. Over the decades, many factories have been constructed, operated and run into the ground here - only to be rebuilt and repurposed. Ore refineries become droid recycling plants when the ore supply runs dry; weapons assembly lines become toxic chemical storage bays when the arms dealing business is slow. Nem’ro the Hutt has traditionally controlled the businesses in the Rust Yards - never by official contract, but by virtue of having the largest armed force in the area and by coaxing plant foremen into cooperating. Recent brutal attacks have shifted control of the Rust Yards to Nem'ro's rival, Fa'athra, who keeps the area locked down with his own mercenaries and security droids. The local workforce has little choice but to cooperate."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

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