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Assign 2 people to stand next to 2 sets of different Sith Powersources (4 total)

When SV-3 Eradicator starts charging, it will be charging to one color. Make sure as few of the Sith Powersources are lit up as the same color being charged when the charge is complete. The more Sith Powersources lit up at the completion of the charge (when the attack happens) the more damage. If all 6 are lit up, it will result in a one-shot death for the person being targeted.

Do not attempt to change all Sith Powersources to the opposite color as SV-3 Eradicator will randomly change all colors to the opposite color at the end of his cast. E.g., If charging red, do not change all to blue as the colors might swap to all red and result in a one-shot death.

The rest of the strategy is standard tank-and-spank.

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