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What is TOR Wiki?

Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki, or SWTOR Wiki and TOR Wiki for short, is a wiki devoted to Star Wars The Old Republic.

What is the general goal of this wiki?

This site will hopefully become a credible encyclopedic resource for the SWTOR game.

With this purpose in mind, citing legitimate sources and maintaining reliable information is paramount. When contributing information, try to make sure that it comes directly from the game (as with screenshots or in-game trailers) or from BioWare publicity releases about the game.

The site should not be used as a collection point for fansite rumors or speculations.

What sources can I use?

Information directly from BioWare is preferred. After game release, the game itself should be the primary source of info.

To maintain our ideal level of credibility, we need to have accurate information. To ensure this accuracy, the information must be continuously verifiable---that is, when wiki users come to a reference, they should be able to check the statements at the source. But if that source site no longer provides access to that information, then it can't be verified. and the game itself are the most constant locations.

A related issue is the format of information released from BioWare: while various interviews or Q&A sessions may present interesting commentary, these settings are, by nature, informal and subject to change. In this light, they don't meet the level of reliability that we hope to maintain. Only material posted on the official BioWare site,, and content taken from the game itself should be posted here.

How is this wiki different from Wookieepedia?

Wookieepedia, while useful, lacks information concerning gameplay elements. TOR Wiki also benefits from a more focused look, meaning there isn't a surplus of articles that could cause edits to be too widespread to properly benefit the wiki. And, as said before, gameplay elements are key in games and Wookieepedia does not and cannot cover them.

How is this wiki different from Star Wars Games?

Again, this wiki can get into a much bigger focus of the game than Star Wars Games.

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