The following is a proposed TOR Wiki policy, guideline, or process.
The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption. References or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".

A proposal's acceptance or rejection is not determined simply by counting votes.

The following policy article describes the rules and guidelines that apply to deletion on content on the Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki (TOR Wiki).

Though the following policy is not absolute, it is generally expected that it be observed and followed except where the wiki community comes to the decision, on a case by case basis, that one or more aspects of the policy do not apply.


In rare circumstances, articles within TOR Wiki may need to be removed for the betterment of the project. Possible examples of this include instances of spam, situations where an article's content is replicated elsewhere within the project, or instances where someone feels content should simply be omitted.

Use discretion when nominating articles for deletion. If possible, edit articles in a way that allows them to add benefit to the project's functionality, rather than simply flagging them for removal.


To flag media or content for Deletion, add the template Delete ({{delete|<Explanation or reason>}}) to the top of the article or page. It is important that the content in question remain intact and unchanged when flagged.

The article will be added to Category:Candidates for deletion, for review by the community of TOR Wiki. Two weeks will be provided following the addition of the deletion template to allow all members of the community opportunity to voice reasons for and against the deletion of the nominated content. At the end of two weeks, Administrator(s) will make a final decision based on what is determined to be in the best interest of the project. The decision to retain or delete content is not determined simply by counting votes.

Speedy Deletion

Media and content deemed harmful or malicious in nature, to TOR Wiki and/or members of the project's community, is subject to Speedy Deletion. Occurrences warranting Speedy Deletion include, but are not limited to, cases of vandalism, hurtful and/or hateful comments, and policy violation(s).

Examples of candidates for speedy deletion

  1. No meaningful content or history (e.g. random characters).
  2. Test pages (e.g., "Can I really create a page here?").
  3. Instances of pure vandalism and harassment/attacks of a personal nature.
  4. Very short pages with little or no context (e.g., "He is a funny man that has created Factory and the Hacienda. And, by the way, his wife is great.")
  5. Reposted content that was already deleted according to policy.
  6. Pages that have been moved to another Wikia because they were uploaded in the wrong place.
  7. Temporarily deleting a page in order to move a page.
  8. Broken redirects or ones caused by typos during a page move.
  9. Duplicate and unused images or media.
  10. Talk pages of already deleted articles.
  11. User talk pages of non-logged in users where the message is no longer relevant. (This is to avoid confusing new users who happen to edit with that same IP address.)
  12. Empty and obsolete categories.
  13. User and talk pages on request of the user, where there is no significant abuse, and no administrative need to retain the page.


To flag media or content for Speedy Deletion, add the template Speedydelete ({{speedydelete|<Explanation or reason>}}) to the top of the article or page. It is important that the offending content remain intact and unchanged when flagged.

The article will be added to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion for review by a project Administrator. If it is determined the media or content warrants Speedy Deletion, it will be removed from the project. If it is deemed that the nomination for Speedy Deletion was made in error, the template will be removed and, if determined to be appropriate, replaced with the template Delete.

If it is determined that one or more nominations for Speedy Deletion have been made maliciously, the act in itself will be considered to be and dealt with as an instance of vandalism.

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