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"The bloodthirsty scyks inhabit remote regions of Tatooine, thankfully far from most settled areas. They seem almost to delight in carnage, brutally tearing through prey and unwary desert travelers. Their fangs are a prized trophy among hunters, who rarely escape the creatures without scars. The Sith beastmaster Lord Adrazar found the scyk a deadly and eager servant. However, no amount of training or Force manipulation could persuade the creatures to cooperate in packs for more than a few days. The scyk that survived–obviously the strongest–now guards his personal domicile on Dromund Kaas."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Bloodseeker Scyk24ShredderStrong4180
Flesheater Scyk27/28RabidStrong5160/5450
Frenzied Scyk26RabidChampion32540NW of Outpost Thorazan
Sandskimmer Scyk26/27BurrowerStrong4865/5160
Skinripper Scyk26/27BurrowerStrong4865/5160

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