First Battle of Bothawui

Battle of Bothawui
818px-GGW Battle of Bothawui





Galactic Republic

Sith Empire


Jedi Master Belth Allusis

Grand Moff Zellos

  • All forces killed
    • Jedi Master Belth Allusis
  • High
    • Atleast 40,000 Imperials killed

This Battle of Bothawui was the Sith Empire's second attempt to seize Bothawui from the Republic which resulted in a stalemate.

The Sith Empire sent in thousands of troops, and the Republic forces were only several hundred strong. During the battle, for every Republic trooper that went down, ten Sith troopers fell. Eventually, a Jedi and a small squad of troopers were the last of the Republic forces still alive. After refusing to stand down, the Imperial Moff ordered them to be killed. Every one of them fell.

Due to the heavy casualties the Empire took, they were forced to retreat from the planet.

250px-Sith army invasion

Imperial forces landing on Bothawui.

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