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"Corellian folklore says that long ago, the Drall and Selonians chose their species’ future paths–and where the Drall selected peaceful intellect, the Selonians claimed passionate physicality. Native to Selonia, the second planet in the Corellian system, the tall, wiry Selonians are perfectly adapted for hand-to-hand combat. Their needle-like teeth and claws make for impressive natural weapons, and even Wookiees respect these agile warriors’ prowess. The immense Selonian population on Corellia immediately sided with the resistance when the Empire invaded the planet. However, the Selonians stubbornly resist using their underground tunnel networks to ambush or trap Imperial forces due to a cultural disgust for lies and subterfuge. Is it said that in war, truth is the first casualty; if the Selonians are unwilling to accept this sacrifice, they may fare poorly in the battles ahead."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

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