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What is a server?

A server is a game world wherein a set number of people play within it. Each server has its own set of player characters within it. All player within a server can interact with one another, but they cannot interact with players from other servers. 

This article is up to date as of 11/09/17 

On 11/08/17 SWTOR decided that due to odd number of players on all servers. ( example: some servers had 100k players to where other had like 25k players) That it was best to "merge" the servers to 5 servers. 2 North American servers, and 3 Europe servers. The reason for 3 Europe servers was solely for the language differances between countries. There is also no longer any specific designed servers. PvE, PvP, RP or otherwise are all on one server. 

Servers in the United States

US East

  • Star Forge

US West

  • Satele Shan (Located on East coast, however, designed for west coast players)

Servers in Europe


  • Darth Malgus


  • The Leviathan


  • Tulak Hord

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