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Shigar Konshi is a Kiffar male and the Jedi Padawan of Satele Shan. He is tall, slender, muscular and very handsome, with a blue chevron on each cheek indicating his membership in the Clan Konshi.


Rejected for the Trials

The Padawan of Grand Master Satele Shan, Shigar was prepared to take the trials of a Jedi Knight a decade after the Mandalorian blockade. However, the Jedi Council denied him the trials, saying that he was inexperienced and his special empath powers needed work. Shigar found this frustrating, but accepted it.

Meeting Larin Moxla

While wandering the underworld of Coruscant, Shigar heard the sounds of battle and went to investigate. He found the trooper Larin Moxla fighting a large Mandalorian named Dao Stryver. Stepping into the fight, Shigar saved Moxla's life, but Stryver retreated before either Shigar or Moxla could capture or interrogate him. However, they found a Nautolan mercenary who had been attacked by Stryver, and the mercenary told them that Stryver had asked about two things: Cinzia and Lema Xandret.

Mission to Hutta

Shigar reported back to Satele Shan, but she assigned him to another mission: he would go to the planet Hutta representing the Jedi Order to examine an item one of the Hutts had put on sale to both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


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