Sith Inquisitor Missions from start..

Korriban (Levels 1- 10+)

  • A Fighting Chance
  • The Plight Of The Acolyte
  • Killing Machine
  • Armed and Dangerous
  • S & B

Korriban Special Items:

  • Omicron +2 Wisdom
  • Omicron Slavery
  • respawn chest: Sith Academy elevator
  • respawn chest: tomb
  • respawn chest: tomb

Empiral Fleet (10-12)

  • Inquisitor Training to select advanced class
  • Crew Skills

Dromund Kass

  • Onwards to Dromund Kaas
  • Tutorial - Social Points
  • Imperial High Command
  • Warning Sign: Call of the Wild (bonus)
  • HEROIC 2+: Personal Challenge
  • Testing Grounds
  • Lightning in a Bottle
  • Unfinished Colossus: The Slave Killers
  • Unfinished Colossus: HEROIC +2: Saving Face

Special Items: Dromund Kass

  • Datacron: Presence +2
  • Security Box near Spire access panel tent

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