"Despite their diminutive stature, the vicious and intelligent skels are a potential wild card in the three-way war for Hoth. Skels hunt in packs, are capable of wielding primitive weapons and are biologically adapted to survival on Hoth’s frozen plains. Their bony claws are capable of burrowing through even the thickest snow and ice, allowing them to spring devastating surprise attacks. Imperial war strategists dismiss the skels as a threat, but Republic soldiers are encouraged to report any mass gatherings of skels immediately. Long before the Republic, the Empire or the White Maw came to Hoth, the planet belonged to the skels–and these well-organized natives may decide to eliminate the unwelcome invaders."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Skels were a sentient species that dwelled on Hoth. Hunting in packs, they were a primitive people, attacking whatever or whoever they could find without warning. They could burrow under the snow, survive in extremely cold conditions and they resided in caves within the mountains of Hoth.  

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