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Level range
Neutral, Aggressive

"Sleek and web-footed, the sleen is among the fastest creatures that crawl through the Dromund Kaas jungle. It feeds primarily on the eggs of other Dromund Kaas lizards, but it has been known to hunt small prey and can be vicious in protecting its territory against intruders. The early Sith were known to keep sleens as guard animals and pets, but the practice went out of favor as Dromund Kaas became more densely populated and the sleens proved difficult to keep in close quarters. Hunting sleens are still kept among certain high-ranking Imperial military officers, bred and trained by generations of family servants."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Additional information

To obtain the codex entry on Sleens, you need to kill any Sleen on Dromund Kaas.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Escaped Sleen
Lethargic Sleen 13 Strong 1,480
Released Primeval Sleen
Released Sleen Elder
Sleen Junglestalker
Slothful Sleen
Vicious Sleen
Wandering Sleen

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