Slow-Release Medpac Icon
Slow-Release Medpac
Class Scoundrel
Type Healing
Range 30m
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown None

Injects the target with slow release medicine, healing for X over 18 seconds.

Slow-Release Medpac is an ability available to the Scoundrel from the Sawbones skill Slow-Release Medpac. It heals a moderate amount of health over 15 seconds and is stackable to up to 2 medpacs. It costs 15 energy, has a range of 30 and is instant cast with no cooldown.

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This ability is the standard Heal-Over-Time (HOT) of the Scoundrel Sawbones tree. It allows the target to be healed for a small amount every second for 18 seconds.

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