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The Smuggler's story starts on Ord Mantell, beginning with the opening quest, Landing Party. The Player Character was smuggling arms for the crime lord Rogun the Butcher.

Upon reaching Ord Mantell using the smuggler's ship, the player is greeted by Corso Riggs and Skavak, two friends of the player. After being sent out to deal with a Separatist attack, the smuggler returns to find Skavak stealing his/her ship, prompting the character to chase after him in an attempt to get it back. Rogun the Butcher is irritated by the loss of his arms shipment, and posts a bounty on the smuggler's head. The smuggler works with Corso Riggs and Vido to find where Skavak has gone. The smuggler tries to catch the starship thief in the Separatist Stronghold, but discovers Skavak has fled to Coruscant. The smuggler heads there, where with help of Darmas Pollaran, a gambler to find the location of Skavak. You eventually learn of a meeting between Skavak and Imperial Forces in the Works, an industrial area below Coruscant. Good news: The smuggler defeats the Imperials. Bad news: Skavak gets away. More good news: You get your ship back! Thus ends the prologue, you are directed back to your ship.

Chapter 1

On board, the smuggler finds Risha, who until recently was employed by Skavak. She tells the smuggler about the lost wealth of Nok Drayen. She continues on to explain and list several things that would first be need before presuing Nok Drayen's lost fortune. These include specialized hyperdrives, nav computers, etc. Skavak is also on the trail of Nok Drayen's lost wealth, and competes with the player to reach it first. The player gathers all the needed components over the course of the chapter I story quests. Risha has the smuggler make one more stop before setting out claim the prize; a trip to a medcenter on Nar Shadaa. For the whole time, a man frozen in carbonite has resided aboard the ship. The purpose of the visit to the medcenter is to unfreeze the caronite man. Upon the unfreezing, it is revealed to the smuggler that this carbonite man was Nok Drayen himself. Moreover, Risha was well aware of this. It is explained that Nok had actually intended that Risha find his treasure (which he had more or less lost), and that was to be her inheritance, since Risha is actually Risha Drayen, daughter of Nok Drayen. Furthermore, the Drayens were previously a royal dynasty on the planet Dubrillion. Among the treasures which were lost, was the crown of the Drayen Dynasty. Nok's greater plan was to have Risha take over Dubrillion, replacing the current and impopular regime. With this new knowledge, the smuggler sets out for the Drayen Treasure ship. After claiming the treasure (which the smuggler keeps the vast majority of), returning to the XS freighter, s/he finds Skavak, who had stowed away in the XS in an attempt to steal the treasure. The player defeats him, completing chapter I.

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