Every planet offers a different set of Social Armor. Social armor is adaptable (which means it will count as whatever armor is best for who is wearing it) and requires a certain social level. A few other special armor sets are sold from the Security Key vendor and Starship Upgrade vendor, and Collector's Edition Vendor.

Planet Seller Location Faction Set Name SL Gen
Nar Shaddaa Gandra Cantina, Lower Promenade Both Slave Girl 2 F
Tatooine Mos IIa Cantina on Tatooine Sand People 3 B
Alderaan Melos Cantina Ulgo Noble 3
Coruscant Antonos Senate Comercial District Rep Elegant 1 F
Dromund Kaas Mayor Kahyin Nexus Room Cantina Imp Formal 1 M
Balmorra Lt. Lyne Farnel Outpost Cantina Rep Balmorran Resistance 2 B
Belsavis Both Prisoner's 5
Corellia Both CorSec 6
Hoth Aurek Station (Republic Market) Both Hailstorm Brotherhood 4
Quesh Both Hutt Cartel 4
Voss Cantina (east of Alien Marketplace) Both Voss Mystic 5 B
Taris Officer Sitos Toxic Lake Garrison Both Death's Claw 4
  • Formal
  • Hutt Cartel
  • Hailstorm Brotherhood
  • Sand People
  • Slave Girl
  • Balmorra Resistance
  • Elegant
  • CorSec
  • Death's Claw
  • Ulgo Nobel
  • Prisoner's Set
  • Prisoner's Set
  • Voss Mystic
  • Voss Mystic

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