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There are hundreds of sentient species spread through out the galaxy. Only a fraction of them will appear in the game. For a list of non-sentient species, see: Bestiary.

Playable species

There are a number of species that the player may choose from for their character. So far, Chiss, Cyborg, Humans, Miraluka, Mirialan, Rattataki, Sith Pureblood, Twi'leks, Zabrak, and Cathar (first announced during E3 2012 and made available in Game Update 2.1) are available as playable races.

The Human , Zabrak and Cyborg species are avalible for all playable classes for free-to-play players. All others must be purchased one way or another, whether that be through the Cartel Market, or through purchasing subscriber status. The chart below shows which species are avalible for each class by default for subscribers. The Cathar is only avalible through the Cartel Market, and must be purchased once per desired Cathar character. However, all other species are also avalible through the Cartel Market in Species Legacy Unlocks, which allow you to create more than one character per species if you have a Legacy at a Level 10 or higher. 

Playable Class/Species Combinations

Note: Once you reach level 50 with any species you may play that species with any class on that server. (Game Update 1.2)

Jedi Knight Jedi Consular Trooper Smuggler Sith Warrior Sith Inquisitor Bounty Hunter Imperial Agent
Chiss X X X X X X
Miraluka X X X X X X
Mirialan X X X X
Rattataki X X X X X
Sith Pureblood X X X X X X
Twi'lek X X X X

Other species

The majority of species in The Old Republic are not playable, some will be available as companions to the player.

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