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Last edited on April 13, 2014
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Dromund Kaas

Dromund Kaas is the third planet in the Dromund system and the capital of the Sith Empire. It was rediscovered by the Sith Empire following their defeat in the Great Hyperspace War. It is now home to the Sith Emperor and his Dark Council.

Even though the planet is bristling with the energy of the dark side, it is the Imperial military that has the largest visible presence on Dromund Kaas. It is here that the Empire’s power brokering games are played and alliances are forged and broken. For up-and-coming Moffs and Imperial intelligence operatives, success – and survival – hangs on the ability to master these games of intrigue. It is from here, on Dromund Kaas, that the dark hand of the Empire reaches ever outward.

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